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DrainSafe cover all aspects of plumbing, drainage, heating and electrical works

We have team of certified Plumbers, Electricians & Drainage and Heating engineers who have a wealth of experience and so are able to set high standards of service and courtesy on all drain, electrical, plumbing and heating work, putting you at ease from the moment you call having just found out your drains blocked, right until your drains are functioning perfectly again, rid of that nasty smell, blockage and entire drain problem. We take our reputation very seriously and are dedicated to building excellent working relationships with all our customers, whether you employ our domestic plumbing team (for something like a burst pipe or a blocked drain), our commercial plumbing team or in fact any plumbing, drainage or electrical contractor representing DrainSafe.


Under the grounds of your home or commercial property, drains - which are essentially large pipes- carry water and waste which come from your toilets, sinks, dishwashers & showers in your house or office to the main drain which is normally located just outside the boundary of the property, or in other locations to a cesspool or septic tank. Rainwater normally enters the drain or soak-away via a different route.

Blocked Toilets? Blocked Sink? Blocked Bath?

Blocked drains can come about in many different ways and the first sign you will normally notice will be a blocked toilet, a blocked sink or a slow draining bath or shower.

Overflowing Gullies

You could also notice an overflowing inspection chamber or overflowing gully outside your property. Open gullies can be blocked by all sort of debris, including stones, wild animals, fruits deposited by birds and they can normally be cleared by a drainage engineer using industrial strength jetting equipment. If you have a bigger problem, a process called drain-rodding is the most likely solution. Our drainage engineer will normally access the blocked drain via the manhole cover at the point of the interceptor chamber

Persistent Drain Problems

For persistent drain problems, a drain CCTV survey is always recommended. The CCTV survey will allow your drainage company to see why the drain keeps blocking and in the most severe cases will reveal collapsed drains or an issue with root infiltration, where drain lining could be a possible solution.

Who is responsible for blocked drains?

Contrary to popular belief, the water boards are not responsible for curing your drainage problems. Most blockages that affect your property will normally be between your property and the main interceptor which is just outside your property. If you have a drain problem which is blocking your toilet, sink or bath, you will need an expert drainage company with you as quick as possible!!!


You'll generally need one of our plumbers rather than a drainage engineer if your pipes or one of your toilets is leaking. Generally older toilets are constructed with putty joints and when this becomes old, it weakens and can crack at the joint. Our plumber will always assess whether a repair can be done, but in instances of a cracked toilet pan, our plumbers will have no choice but to replace.

Broken Toilet Flusher? Lack of Pressure When Flushing?

The usual flushing action of a toilet makes the two streams of water from each side of the toilet rim meet at the front of the toilet cistern and then flows down with force taking away any faeces and waste water. If the water does not flow down smoothly and rather spins around, not clearing the toilet on each flush, this indicates a possible problem with the flush's water inlet, and this should be looked at by one of our professional plumbers. If the toilet fills up and then drains slowly, then it is one of our drainage engineers who will need to attend toilet problem.

Burst Pipes?

DrainSafe plumbers can help in either preventing or fixing burst pipes? Any pipe that carries water (which is nearly every pipe) is susceptible to bursting when exposed to the extreme temperatures of winter and if they are going to burst, will normally do so at the coldest point or just after the winter has finished. By calling out a DrainSafe plumber to lag your pipes (indoor and outdoor) you can avoid the more costly expense of repairing the burst pipes and any flood damage that this will have caused to your property's furniture, flooring and electrics.


Heating & hot water problems can be the bain of any family or business. If you have a hot water problem involving your radiators, boilers, kitchens or showers then you will need one of DrainSafe's Gas Safe heating engineers to visit your site. Our qualified engineers can investigate and repair any issues with: Thermostats; Pumps; Oil Boilers; Gas Boilers; Combi-Boilers; Lack of pressure in your boiler; hot water cylinders and any other water in your home or office.


DIY electrical work can be tempting, but it is not recommended unless you really know what you are doing and then go further to get it tested for electrical safety. DrainSafe's electrical division Electrician Safe provide part-p certified electricians and testers to fault find, rewire and investigate any type of electrical problem you may experience in your home or office - saving you from potentially hazardous scenarios for your family or employees. For all types of electrical faults, testing and fitting, you can rely on a ElectricianSafe engineer to be on hand swiftly and to work safely and efficiently to solve your electrical issue.

Have a question?

As one of the South East's leading Plumbing and Drainage Contractors there are many services that DrainSafe offers. Please feel free to browse through the various sections of websites for more info on any of the following divisions


You're also welcome to talk directly to one of our drainage or plumbing and heating engineers for FREE advice. This will make sure you are completely comfortable with DrainSafe's staff and service before we arrive.

Rapid Response Coverage

As a home or business owner, you will mostly need the services we offer in an emergency. We have several two-man teams strategically based throughout our catchment areas so we are able to offer a rapid response (within an hour of booking) for any drainage, plumbing, heating or electrical emergency.
Whether you have an emergency that requires a Plumbing or Drainage engineer on hand as quickly as possible or you require our team to carry out a planned improvement works on your drain problems, you can be sure that you can rely on DrainSafe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our promise to all our customers - regular or new business- is that that we will work tirelessly to constantly provide you with the same high standard of service that our reputation has been built upon.


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